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The Gould residence is one of the most documented Greene & Greene designs in existence today, and it has stayed in the possession of one family its entire lifespan.  Some of the documentation on hand are the actual letters and correspondence between the architect Henry Mather Greene, the landscape architect Theodore Payne and others.

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1924 - Greene general specs*
1924 - Greene painting specs (highly detailed)
1924 - Greene plumbing specs (highly detailed)*
1924 - Greene/Gould (general plus some hand sketches)*
1925 - Greene/Gould (general)
1926 - Greene/Gould (general with some hand sketches)
1933 - Payne/Gould
1933+ - Payne/Gould*
1933 - Payne garden plan
1938 - Greene/Gain (Magazine cases)
1939 - Greene/Gould (Sunroom desk)
1944 - Greene/Peterson (Margaret's bedroom bookshelves)
1951 - Gould/Cabot (Painting)
Post-1925 residence projects